- Wow!  EMxp restored my amazement with ecco! -- Professor K.C., N.Y.

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  • Try ECCO MAGIC XP for 90 Days, after that keep it for as little as $25.00 for personal use, $149.99 per system for business and institutional.

  • Like magic, enter dates with ease, speed and power.  Instantly enter next Wednesday ("nwe"), 90 days from Sunday  ("nsu 90"),  the second Monday 21 days after June 3,  unless it is a holiday, and if so, the first non-holiday date ("6/3 +21d nmo w $"), etc.

  • Date eXPressions recognize the day-of-week "Wed" (Wednesday),  day-of-month "#10",   computed dates "2/11 +90d" ("Feb 11 + 90 days"), compound computations "6/1 +2w 8d" ("2 weeks and 8 days from 6/1"),  relational dates "2d" ("2 days from now"), "tom" ("tomorrow"), "nsu" ("next Sunday"),  "yes +3m"  ("3 months from yesterday"), sequenced  expressions "nwe | 2m" ("next Wednesday | then 2 months after that"), shorthand ("2m"),  business dates ("+90days, Bus."),  user defined holiday lists ("$"),  memorized dates and expressions,  and more...

    Note the power and ease of use-- both the full text and the shortcuts above work in eccoMAGIC XP.

  • Made for XP, VISTA, WIN 7 & WIN 8, most features work also in most windows '95 and '98SE systems.

  • 100% effective - tightly integrated with the ecco pro core programming and internal functions.

  • Packed with features to help you fully control your date entry, recurring dates, context searches, property form entries, date and time pasting shortcuts, even increase the useable screen space for ecco.

  • One Click 'Ecco Pro year 2000 repeating date bug' instant fix.

  • Includes features such as open file selection shortcuts (Application key + 1-9), and screenshot color inversion-- powerful new features built on the core ecco code.

  • Unleash the power, and BRING YOUR ECCO PRO INTO THE 21st CENTURY.   Ecco Pro (with eccoMAGIC XP) does what no other program can. Outlined tasking with no-nonsense scheduling. "Outlook" can't do outlining, and it can't understand "3 weeks and 1 day from Thursday".  With Ecco Pro and eccoMAGIC XP, YOU CAN !

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ECCO MAGIC XP Beta Reviews

"Excellent Job. AMAZING.." -Ted E., Programmer

"I'm an Ecco user for more than 13 years and never found such a great enhancement of Ecco!" -Francis, Belgium

"You have given me new life .... I am amazed at how easy you have made my date setting. [M]y registration for 6 systems in our office. You've earned every penny. Good work, and thank you." -Paul V., Attorney

"I'm in SHOCK!!! My dad uses Ecco, and now you've got ME using it. I enter deadlines directly into Ecco based on the Jewish Calendar, YOU SHOULD ADVERTISE THAT!!!! Been searching for months for a decent scheduling program that understands the Jewish calendar. So glad I found your site, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."
-Tammy R., Teacher